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Here you can find projects of the funding initiative Top Citizen Science, which is supported by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research (BMBWF), the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and the OeAD. By means of different filters you can search for various kinds of projects.

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 For mapping: National Park Berchtesgarden, Germany and Nature Park Weißbach, Austria
geomorphology, maps, landform changes

From mudflows to volcanic rocks and dolines to landslides: Citizen scientists help with research on changes in the landscape on an interactive map.

01.07.2018 - 30.06.2020
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Six-legged Livestock: Rearing Black Soldier Fly on Biowaste
 Innsbruck, Österreich
fly, waste, household

In exciting interactive workshops the participants will get to know more about the life and usefulness of the Black Soldier Fly.

01.08.2018 - 30.06.2019
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Epidemiology of inflammation and cardiovascular diseases
 independent of location
lifestyle, health, inflammation

Inflammatory processes are associated with various life style factors and increase the risks for myocardial infarction or stroke.

10.10.2018 - 04.04.2020
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Worlds apart? Solidarity concepts and political orientations in social media
Social Media, Facebook, solidarity

Do social media exacerbate social and political divisions? The project examines concepts of solidarity in current facebook debates.

01.11.2018 - 31.10.2019
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Names, Graves, and Memory. The Psychiatric Hospital Mauer-Öhling during National Socialism
 Mauer-Öhling, Austria
euthanasia, Nazi era, history

Hundreds of victims of Nazi “euthanasia” are buried in the cemetery of the Landesklinikum Mauer. What happened there exactly?

01.08.2019 - 30.04.2020
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Stadt – Land – Bild. A Social Image Analysis of Contemporary Conceptions of Longing
 Vienna, Austria
social tagging, nostalgia, visual culture

An exhibition in the Museum of Art and Folk Life in Vienna questions the new longing for rural life and analyses corresponding image politics together with citizens.

01.11.2018 - 31.10.2019
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