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Presentation of Top Citizen Science at Citizen Science Conference in Madrid

On 20 December 2017, Spanish funding organisations, scientific institutions, teachers and citizens met at Medialab Prado, a Citizen Lab for the production, research and broadcasting of cultural projects, to exchange information on current calls for proposals and projects and to learn from each other.

A busy conference day

In the morning, after the welcoming speeches by the hosts Ibercivis and Medialab Prado, various funding opportunities at Spanish and European level were presented. Marika Cieslinski talked about the Austrian Top Citizen Science initiative, which was very well received by the Spanish community. Subsequently, experts from school and research discussed the opportunities and challenges of participation projects in education.

The afternoon focused on the application and practice of citizen science. A number of Spanish and international project leaders, e. g. of Odeur collect, Bioblitz – City Nature Challenge and MiniMET talked about their research with citizens. The Citizen Science Office set up by the city of Barcelona was also presented.

Opportunity for new citizen science funding programme in Spain

The Spanish conference painted the picture of a very active citizen science community, but so far there is no specific citizen science funding programme in Spain. Inspired by Top Citizen Science, there are considerations to launch a similar funding initiative. A first step was taken right at the conference - the organisation of a workshop on funding criteria.

The whole conference day was broadcast live and can be watched on youtube (morning, afternoon).

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