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Citizen Science & Law II on rights to images

Citizen Science depends on the cooperation and commitment of citizens who contribute with their experience and know-how. By incorporating their potentials and knowledge, many projects are made possible that would otherwise be inconceivable.

However, cooperating with different people in a research project goes hand in hand with a great responsibility regarding data protection and compliance with legal regulations. In addition to the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), other regulations such as copyright or licensing must also be considered.

In a joint event, the Center for Citizen Science, the Citizen Science Network Austria (CSNA) and the Open Science Network Austria (OANA), as well as the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research invited project leaders to keynotes and discussions on "rights to images", copyrights and licensing rights in citizen science projects. Hannah Kercz from the law office Freimüller/Obereder/Pilz Rechtsanwält_innen GmbH and Joachim Losehand from Creative Commons Austria introduced the 50 participants to legal regulations, image rights and licensing.

In the discussion with around 50 participants, it became clear that no general statements can be made on this sensitive topic and that each project must be considered individually, especially when they use photos provided by citizen scientists. Thus, OANA provides scientists with information on regulations and workshops on Open Science and legal rights.

The presentation of Hannah Kercz can be found HERE (in German), the presentation of Joachim Losehand can be found HERE (in German), the presentation of Vanessa Hannesschläger can be found HERE (in German), the documentation and review of the presentation is HERE (in German).


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