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Citizen Science Award – Austrian citizens compete by taking part in research


The Citizen Science Award motivates citizens every year to take part in various scientific projects and win one of the popular awards. So far more than 7,000 citizen scientists have already participated.

2015 – Award for pupils

In 2015 the Ministry of Science, Research and Economy for the first time supported four scientific projects during the Citizen Science Award. Prizes worth up to 3,000 Euros awaited the school pupils. An additional special prize was awarded for the most innovative strategy to motivate as many people as possible to contribute to one of the projects. 

In the course of the Award pupils from all over Austria were invited to participate via app, e-mail, on the website or by filling out an online survey and transferring data to the research teams. The range of topics was broad: allergy research, testing online labs, politics in everyday life and the observation of leaf colouring in the autumn. A total of 150 school classes took part in the Citizen Science Award 2015. The prizes were awarded during a festive ceremony with 400 guests. For further information please follow this link.


2016 – Award for EVERYONE

The aim of the Award in 2016 was to encourage citizens of all age groups to take part in research. Pupils as well as groups and individuals were invited to participate in ten scientific projects from April to September and win up to 3,000 Euros.

There was a great diversity of topics and research questions! How is Austria's landscape changing? How many hedgehogs can be found in Austrian gardens? How many badgers live in Vienna and its surroundings? How can an online lab be used? How do location, climate etc. influence the development of fruit trees? 3,300 people helped to answer these and even more research questions. The quality of the transferred data was significantly better than in 2015. This was partly due to the fact that the workshops for projects, which were organised by the Center for Citizen Science, regularly addressed the topic of “data quality”. This way scientists could already consider this important aspect in their project design. More details about the Citizen Science Award 2016 can be found HERE.

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