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The vision of ÖKOLOG is an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable design of the school living space in which all actors are involved and willing to take responsibility for it.

More than 500 schools and thus more than 135,000 pupils and 16,000 teachers are part of the network.

What does das Netzwerk ÖKOLOG do?

ÖKOLOG stands for:

  • lived ecological everyday culture
  • active contributions to the protection of our environment
  • ecologically sustainable and social school development

How das Netzwerk ÖKOLOG can support Citizen Science projects:

  • Information in the newsletter (4x a year)
  • Presentation of the cooperation on the website
  • Dissemination of competitions, offers and information via the website

Projects in these areas are of particular interest:

Saving resources, reducing emissions, mobility, nature, healthy food, sustainable consumption, sustainable management, climate change, climate protection, globalization, world climate goals (SDGs)


Astrid Brandstätter

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