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Naturwiss. Verein für Kärnten

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1,990 members, 200 publication exchange partners

What does der Naturwiss. Verein für Kärnten do?

The task of the "Naturwissenschaftliche Verein für Kärnten" (Natural Science Association for Carinthia) is the exploration of nature in Carinthia and the dissemination of knowledge about it. Lectures, excursions and conferences are held throughout the year. The journal Carinthia II is published twice a year. In addition, special editions and publications on various Carinthian nature topics are published.

How der Naturwiss. Verein für Kärnten can support Citizen Science projects:

Via newsletter "NWV Friday News", which is sent out weekly to our members, we have the opportunity to announce events/information. If the announcement is thematically interesting for our members and fits to our association, we are happy to announce events/information.

Projects in these areas are of particular interest:

Nature, Research, Carinthia, Botany, Entomology, Geography, Speleology, Meteorology, Mineralogy& Geology, Ornithology, Physics& Chemistry, Fungi, Zoology, Children& Youth


Stefanie Planton, BSc
T +43 0 50 536 30574

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