Tell us!

“Tell us!” will bring experiential knowledge about accidental injuries back to research by involving experts and patients.

accidental injuries, health, medical care

The project overview

Area of Science: Medicine and Health
Location: independent of location
Used Devices: with PC/Mobile
Equipment of citizen scientists: Smartphone or tablet or computer
Activities of citizen scientists: sharing ideas
Suitable for: Youngsters and adults
Project duration: 08.05.2018 - 03.07.2018
Time to join in: 08.05.2018 - 03.07.2018
Expenditure of time: approximately 10 minutes

Project objective

Who knows best how to examine and treat traumatic traffic or sports injuries? The answer is people who deal with these on a daily basis – i.e. physicians, therapists, nurses or orderlies. But the patients themselves have also gained first-hand experience that can be very useful. The aim of this project is to bring this knowledge back to research. A short project overview can be seen here.

How did citizen scientists participate?

It only took 10 minutes to participate and included the following 3 steps:

  1. Login via
  2. Provide your research questions and some background information; several research questions are highly welcome.
  3. Send.

What happened to the contributions of citizen scientists?

The contributions were anonymised, coded and the best and most innovative research questions will systematically flow back to research. This process will be highly transparent to all participants.

Prizes and how were winners being determined?

By providing the scientists with research questions, optionally citizen scientists had the chance to win one of three individual prices. The team chose the top 3 via lottery.

Award winner
1st prize: Prof. Dr. med. Dorothea Daentzer
2nd prize: PD Dr. Maximilian Zacherl, M.A.

Participating and supporting institutions


Dr. Benjamin Missbach
Project Manager – "Tell us", LBG Open Innovation in Science Center (LBG OIS Center)


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