Stadt - Land - Bild.

An exhibition at the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art in Vienna questions the new longing for rural life and analyses corresponding image politics together with school classes. 

image analysis, longing, urban-rural sentimental

The project overview

Area of Science: Social Sciences
Location: Vienna, at the Museum of Folk Art and Folk Life
Used Devices: without PC/Mobile
Equipment of citizen scientists: No equipment required
Activities of citizen scientists: sharing ideas, collecting, sorting, analysing, playing, other activities
Suitable for: Youngsters
Project duration: 01.11.2018 - 31.10.2019
Time to join in: 05.04.2019 - 02.06.2019
Expenditure of time: 90-120 minutes for each workshop

Project objective

The current digital revolution is accompanied by a contemporary trend of backward orientation with a longing for authenticity, simplicity and security. Based on the historic photo collection at the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art in Vienna, the Stadt - Land - Bild project (City - Countryside - Photographs) analyses this new trend of longing and nostalgia in the course of the exhibition RETROPIA. Within the rich, multisensory and social environment of the exhibition at the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art , images of longing are brought to life. Citizen Scientists with different perceptions, opinions and experiences are invited to actively engage with the images via a multi-media research station operating on large touch-screen walls and to make a contribution to an open concept of home ("Heimat"). 

Within the framework of the Citizen Science Award 2019, students work together with scientists with the aim to investigate the production and use of images of longing in everyday life, in the media and in politics. 

How to participate?

Citizen scientists describe images of longing via multi-media research stations operating on touch-screen walls at the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art. It is also possible to statistically analyse the descriptions. 

For the Citizen Science Award 2019, research workshops are organised for school classes at the Museum for Folk Life and Folk Art (duration approximately 90 minutes). Based on concrete research questions, students engage with the images of longing at the research stations to answer the questions. The results are collected in a research documentation. At the end of the workshop, scientists reflect on the methodology together with the school classes in order to show limitations of the results. 

Registration via e-mail

What happens to the contributions of citizen scientists?

Citizen scientists describe the images of longing at the exhibition and analyse the descriptions. The descriptions as well as the analysis are immediately visible to the public at the exhibition. 


How are winners being determined
The three school classes with the most committed participation in one of the research workshops at the Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art in Vienna will win. The decisions are based on the quality and intensity of the contributions in the workshop as well as the respective research documentation. 

Cash prizes for three school classes: 
1st prize: 1,000 euros 
2nd prize: 750 euros  
3rd prize : 500 euros 

Participating and supporting institutions


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