The Political Participation Observer

In the project "Political Participation Observer“ citizens collect political participation offers and possibilities and share the information on the project platform.

participation, politics, democracy

The project overview

Area of Science: Social Sciences
Location: Austria
Used Devices: without PC/Mobile, with PC/Mobile
Equipment of citizen scientists: Smartphone and/or PC with internet
Activities of citizen scientists: sharing ideas, observing, collecting
Suitable for: Youngsters and adults
Project duration: 01.03.2017 - 31.12.2018
Time to join in: 01.05.2017 - 30.11.2017
Expenditure of time: online registration 10 min; discussion before and after data collection: depending on individual engagement; collecting participation offers: 10 min for categorisation and description of a single observation

Project objective

Via an online citizen science tool, engaged citizens collect observations on participation possibilities (e.g. petitions or public gatherings), categorise them and share them on the project website. The collected participation channels may be online or offline. From a scientific perspective, the collected data will provide information on what kind of participation channels exist. However, the collected participation offers will also be available on the project platform. People will be able to scroll through existing participation offers and get engaged.

The discussion and data imputation will be conducted directly on the project website. There researchers will present basic categories for the data collection and will discuss and extend them together with citizens. The data collection will be implemented via the data collection tool “politics radar“ which is directly accessible through the website. The collected participation offers will also be accessible on a “knowledge database” on the website.

All interested citizens are welcome to join the research process. The registration can be easily conducted via the project website.

The collected data will be used for scientific analysis, but will also provide guidance and information to the broader public. The project team will analyse the data and upload the results directly to the project website. Results related to what kind of actors are providing such offers and to what kind of issues will be available and open for discussion. The collected data will also feed the website’s “knowledge database” on participation offers in Austria. Interested citizens may scroll through the collected participation offers and find information where, how, and to what issues they can get engaged in.

Participating and supporting institutions


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