Amphibians & Reptiles in Austria

Which reptiles and amphibians are threatened by extinction in Austria? How can I find out, which species the animal I found belongs to?

amphibians, reptiles, herpetofauna

The project overview

Area of Science: Natural Sciences
Location: Austria
Used Devices: without PC/Mobile, with PC/Mobile
Equipment of citizen scientists: Camera or smartphone, computer and internet, literature for the identification
Activities of citizen scientists: observing, photographing
Suitable for: Youngsters and adults
Project duration: from 01.01.2002
Time to join in: 01.05.2017 - 30.06.2017

Project objective

The aim of the herpetofaunistic collection is to gain knowledge about the occurrence and ecology of amphibians and reptiles in Austria. For this purpose the approximately 110,000 sightings reports will be processed and analysed in the database.

How to participate?

School classes and individuals can make observations and report their sightings.  Apart from the finding place and species also other data like habitat, endangerment will be documented. Only reported observations with a photo documentation will be processed.

What happens to the contributions of citizen scientists?

The data will be entered in the Austrian Herpofaunistic Database and used for nature protection experts’ reports, scientific research, publications, books, diploma theses and presentations.

Prizes and winners

The school class that reports the highest number of sightings will receive a prize money of 1,000 Euros towards their class funds.

The Natural History Museum Vienna moreover provides prizes in kind for:

  • the individual who reports the highest number of sightings in a digital way and
  • the one who reports the highest number of sightings in an analogue way.

Participating and supporting institutions


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