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Accessible survey methodology for household surveys of people with mental disabilities

Pilot project within the initiative Responsible Science

disability, survey, statistics

The project overview

Area of Science: Social Sciences
Location: Österreich
Used Devices: without PC/Mobile
Activities of citizen scientists: sharing ideas, observing, analysing
Suitable for: Youngsters and adults
Project duration: 01.06.2017 - 30.06.2018

Project objective

Data about the living situation of people with disabilities is important for political decision making processes. Moreover, it supports the concerns of the UN convention regarding the rights of people with disabilities. Such data has to rely on surveys. That is why accessibility is essential. It helps to visualise the problems of poeple with disabilities. Therefore this pilot project aims at reducing the barriers of people with learning difficulties.

Self-agents of different institutions of people with learning difficulties will participate in this project. In a first step several survey characteristics will be chosen to represent the life quality of people with disabilities. These questions will be then translated in an easily comprehensible language and reviewed together with the affected party. This will result in a questionnnaire, which will then be used in some test interviews in order to understand what kind of difficulies and possibilities can arise while interviewing persons with learning difficulties.

Based on this experience recommendations and guidelines for an accessible survey methodology for household surveys by Statistik Austria will be created. Additionally, under the guidance of the Vienna University of Economics and Business it will be examined, how the special situation of people living in these institutions can be considered in a better way in the future.

Participating and supporting institutions


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