Organisations & Information Pages

Organisations & Information Pages

The interest in Citizen Science and Open Innovation is increasing worldwide. Numerous – both national and international – organisations and information centers have been established by now which not only provide information about Citizen Science and projects but which also connect people interested in this topic.

The following list is not exhaustive and it is constantly expanded. If you have any suggestions, we will be pleased to include them. Please send an e-mail to


The Citizen Science Network Switzerland was established in 2015 and organises network meetings for the community on a regular basis.

The Citizen Science Association was founded in the US. It promotes the development of Citizen Science and connects people interested in this topic.

The European Citizen Science Association has been established at the Natural History Museum Berlin and supports Citizen Science in Europe.

The Australian Citizen Science Association is the main contact point for Australia.

Information pages

Citizen Science

The Citizen Science platform Bürgerschaffenwissen provides information on activities to support Citizen Science in Germany. The associated "GEWISS” programm developed the "Green Paper - Citizen Science Strategy 2020 for Germany".

The researchers of the Citizen Cyberlab are developing methods and studying motivations for new forms of public participation in research. They develop innovative open source research tools, training and events to empower public involvement in scientific and social research issues, as well as to explore the impact of that involvement and assess its risks and opportunities.

The platform supports the use of crowdsourcing and citizen science across the US. On the website three areas can be found: projects, toolkit and community.

The ExCiteS Research Group is an interdisciplinary research group which reflects and develops the theories, methods and practices in the field of Citizen Science in order to enable local communities to develop their own projects.

The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science is a non-profit organisation which develops and spreads cost-efficient tools and open source tools for exploring the environment.

Open Innovation

On the Open Innovation website of the Austrian Federal Government interested people are invited to collaborate in the development of the Austrian Open Innovation strategy and to take a leading role in this collaboration. The aim is to show concrete measures which will make the Austrian research, technology and innovation system one of the most competitive ones in Europe. On the platform you can find numerous best practice examples from Austria.

The Ö1 Hörsaal is a platform for dialogue between science and society. This Open Innovation initiative will provide interested people and institutions with the possibility to create additional impulses with social relevance at Austrian universities.

Neurovation is a crowdsourcing platform for idea contests. is an information platform with news, research and applications regarding the field of Open Innovation. is a platform dealing with questions of innovation management in general and with the topic of Open Innovation in specific. is a platform which supports the development and dissemination of the Open Innovation concept in the European world of business. It acts as an intersection between science and practice.

The Open Innovation Strategy and Policy Group (OISPG) supports Open Innovation strategies of the European Commission.

OInet is a network which supports Open Innovation in higher education institutions. The network is to support cooperation and the exchange of ideas between relevant players.

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