Public lecture series 2018 on Open Knowledge

Date: 17/05/2018 18:00 - 19:30
Location: Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

Great demand for contributions and know-how from citizens: citizen science in the 21st century

There is an increasing demand for contributions from citizen scientists. With their help, it has become possible to generate an enormous amount of data. On behalf of science, citizens carry out measurements, document observations, analyse data or take over other tasks in the research or publication process. By doing so, they support full-time scientists and, in the best case, help to make new scientific discoveries.

However, the participation of citizen scientists raises a series of questions: Which frameworks are helpful and how can one actually ensure data quality? How can the expectations of scientists and citizens be met? What are the potentials of open science with the participation of citizens?

Those and other questions will be discussed at the "Open Knowledge" event with Dr. Martin Kubiak. He is an entomologist at University of Hamburg and will present his current citizen science project "Insektenfauna auf dem Energieberg Georgsweder".




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