Long Night of Research at the NHM

Date: 13/04/2018 17:00 - 23:00
Location: Natural History Museum Vienna, Burgring 7 1010 Vienna, Austria

The Long Night of Research offers a varied citizen science programme at the Natural History Museum in Vienna.

Citizen Science Marketplace
Interested parties can inform themselves under the slogan "Mitdenken - Mitreden - Mitforschen: Participate in scientific projects" about research projects with citizen participation.
At the Citizen Science Marketplace, visitors have the opportunity to find out about citizen science projects of well-known institutions at 13 stations and to become active as a citizen scientist themselves.

Citizen Science Café - when coffee house atmosphere meets exciting research
Interested people can immerse themselves in the world of science and citizen science in a Citizen Science Café.
A Science Café is characterised by open, relaxed and informal communication between visitors and researchers. Sitting in small groups at café tables, research topics are discussed and opinions exchanged, questions can be asked and experiences shared. The focus is on joint discussions with the aim of arousing interest in science, breaking down barriers and making the people behind research projects visible. 

The Citizen Science Café is aimed specifically at young people between the ages of 13 and 18. Here you have the opportunity to chat with 15 researchers in a relaxed café atmosphere and learn more about career opportunities in the natural sciences. The café is run under the label of HYPATIA, an EU project which aims to inspire girls in particular, for MINT.

Austrian Barcode of Life - what else?
The aims of ABOL "Austrian Barcode of Life" will be presented to the visitors: Recording of standardized gene sequences of all animals, plants and fungi living in Austria (DNA-barcoding). Development of a publicly accessible database for numerous applications ranging from nature conservation to food technology. Illustrative examples explain the method and current projects.

The initiative "Austrian Barcode of Life" (ABOL) for the genetic typing of Austrian animals, fungi and plants covers the diversity of species in Austria. A fundamental prerequisite for all efforts to preserve biodiversity is a sound knowledge of species. This is usually based on morphological characteristics, carried out by qualified species experts. However, some species are very difficult to determine. Often only certain stages of development can be used for the assignment.

The central element of ABOL is DNA barcoding, a standardized method for species identification using specific DNA sequences. This also works on the basis of tissue residues and DNA traces. In the last three years, ABOL has built up an Austria-wide network which generates data, creates a publicly accessible database and trains experts. Based on this basis, nature conservation, biodiversity research and many applications can be further developed.

The Natural History Museum Vienna organises this event with the citizen science focus together with the platform Österreich forscht, the Science Center Network and the Center for Citizen Science.

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