Danish Citizen Science Symposium

Date: 07/10/2019
Location: Odense, Denmark

This interdisciplinary 1-day symposium aims to create debate about what citizen science means today and what it potentially can achieve in Denmark in the future. Citizen science in Denmark is more widespread than many realise. Citizen science does not only occur within for instance ecology, where it has been used for decades, but also within health and social sciences, cultural history, and other natural sciences. Likewise, citizen science is not limited to ‘the few’ interested in specific topics, it can also be used in education and as a tool to bring the public, society and science closer together.

This is the first Danish citizen science symposium. It for anyone with an interest in furthering the collaboration between the public and scientists through citizen science, for example participants, scientists, organisations, educators, decision-makers, anyone involved in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, NGOs, counties, ministries, libraries, public and private institutions, funders, etc.

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