Citizen Science Award 2019

Citizen Science Award 2019

For the fifth time in a row, school classes and individuals had the possibility to take part in one of seven research projects. The most enthusiastic citizen scientists will be awarded monetary and non-monetary prizes by the Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research together with the research projects during a festive event on 19 November 2019.

 >> HERE you can download the Citizen Science Award 2019 folder  <<

From 1 April to 5 July 2019, citizens participated in seven projects. The activities ranged from working with historic materials or discussing an open concept of home to bird watching or mapping urban green spaces and trash in nature.

>> HERE you can find further information on the projects and activities.<<

The performance of school classes and individuals will be evaluated by each project to determine the winners. The criteria vary from project to project. Some choose the winners by the amount of data, other projects evaluate the quality of observations. School classes will be awarded prizes of up to 1,000 euros  during a festive event. Individuals can win non-cash prizes.

Special prizes for videos

School classes also had the possibility to document their research activities with a video and participate in the Citizen Science Award 2019 video competition to win this year's special prizes of 2,000 euros. The prizes will be awarded in two categories:

  • one prize for the most creative documentation of a school class' research activities,
  • the second prize for the video documenting the most creative way to integrate one of the research topics into various lessons and subjects at school.

In order to participate in the video competition, teachers had to submit the video including the completed registration form via e-mail to or via postal delivery to the Center for Citizen Science, Ebendorferstraße 7, 1010 Wien. By submitting the video, the participants accepted the terms and conditions of participation for the video competition (see below). 

Download: terms and condition of participation 
Download: registration form 

The winners will be announced at the festive event on 19 November 2019. Selected videos will also be shown at the award ceremony.  

Again this year, the Center for Citizen Science and the Citizen Science Award projects will organise and host the Citizen Science Award Day. School classes and individuals have the possibility to get to know the organisations and the projects by taking part in workshops, guided tours and many other activities. Further information on the program for the Citizen Science Award Day, which will take place on 19 November 2019 before the festive event, will be published online later this year.

Overall Schedule Citizen Science Award 2019

Participation in citizen science projects 1 April - 5 July 2019
Citizen Science Award day 19 November 2019
Award ceremony 19 November 2019

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