Top Citizen Science

The funding initiative "Top Citizen Science" funds expansions projects of currently running FWF and Sparkling Science projects. Many projects already started.

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Citizen Science Award 2017

Austrian citizens – groups, school classes, individuals – are again invited to participate in citizen science projects from 1st May until 30th June. 

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Alliance for Responsible Science

Already 37 institutions from science, research, education & practice signed the Memorandum of Understanding and agreed to develop further the concept of Responsible Science and integrate it into their daily life.

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Celebration event of the Alliance for Responsible Science

On 22nd June of the BMWFW another common event will take place and present Responsible Science pilot projects and a funding programme.

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Citizen Science Switzerland

“Schweiz forscht” is a new platform with general information about citizen science and swiss citizen science projects.

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Open Innovation Platform

Borders between science/research and citizens are opening up and new knowledge can be produced. This means: More knowledge for everybody!

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