New citizen science quality criteria by the platform "Österreich forscht"

Numerous institutions - including the Center for Citizen Science - have recently drawn up quality criteria for citizen science on the initiative of "Österreich forscht", which have just been published.

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Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2018 in Salzburg

From 1st to 3rd February, the Austrian Citizen Science Conference 2018 took place in Salzburg. Read our success story to get an impression of the conference.

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ÖAW offers prize question on social relevance

"Can the social relevance of research be evaluated and, if so, how?" Submit an essay and win prizes of up to 12,000 euros.

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Great interview on DIY-Science

Interesting interview with biologist, science hacker and community manager Lucy Patterson, on do-it-yourself science, democracy and diversity in research (in German).

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Presentation of Top Citizen Science at Citizen Science Conference in Madrid

In the end of 2017 the Center for Citizen Science was invited to present the funding initiative Top Citizen Science at the citizen science conference "Encuentro Ciencia Ciudadana".

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New EU policy brief about citizen science

The national EU contact points of Science with and for Society have drawn up a "Citizen Science Policy Brief" with lots of information and useful links.

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