Here you will find contact persons at Austrian research institutions that you can get in touch with if you are conducting a citizen science project or if you would like to participate in a citizen science project. In our growing community you will find associations and organisations from society that are interested in citizen science information and that are participating in projects.

Contacts with research institutions

Citizen science contact points at research institutions act as internal and external contacts. They are responsible for the dissemination of information and contacts relating to citizen science. The tasks include, among others, passing on information on

  • citizen science projects or project management at the respective institution,
  • assistance for the development or public relations work of citizen science projects, and
  • on research opportunities at the facility.

Young Science contact persons at research institutions responsible for school and science cooperation can be found on the website of the Young Science Centre.

Partners from society

The Center for Citizen Science supports the promotion of citizen science projects by establishing a Citizen Science Community. Partners from society are cordially invited to join the community free of charge.

Many citizen science projects are looking for partners for their initiatives. However, it is often difficult for different groups around citizen science to find the right and suitable contacts. The community of the Center for Citizen Science supports this: as a central contact point, partners inform their own networks about news on citizen science projects, research opportunities, etc. In return, all partners receive up-to-date information on citizen science, current scientific events and much more.

Would you like to join the community?

Send us your logo, brief information about your institution by e-mail and let us know how you can and would like to support other Citizen Science projects!

It is, of course, up to the institutions to distribute only those information which they consider interesting for their own community.

Questions and information
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