Citizen Science Award 2016 - A review

The Citizen Science Award 2016 invited Austrian citizens - groups, school classes, individuals - to participate in ten citizen science projects from 1st April until 30th September. The aim of the Awards 2016 was to motivate citizens from ALL AGE GROUPS to get involved in research. 2015 only pupils were invited to take part. The award ceremony took place on 13th December 2016.

There was a great diversity of topics and research questions! How is Austria`s landscape changing? How many hedgehogs can be found in Austrian gardens? How many badgers live in Vienna and its surrounding? How can an online lab be used? How do location, climate etc. influence the development of fruit trees? Observations, measurements, pictures, samples and more could be send to the research team using apps, email, special online platforms or mail. Here you can find all ten projects.

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